自1985年起The Chord Company開始投入設計並生產高級音響和家庭劇院系統所需要的優質線材。我們深知喇叭線,訊號線,HDMI線對於您在聆聽音樂或欣賞影片時,如何將影音轉換成美好的經驗以及樂趣上所扮演的重要角色。 線材絕不只是配件而已,而是您系統搭配上不可輕忽的一個環節。如何選擇一條合適的線材是一件重要不過的事。 現今典型的家庭格局、物件擺設過於複雜,對於音源的接收是一個不友善的環境。Chord注意到這個困擾,因此所設計的線材以能降低電子干擾的各樣影響為原則。 27年來的研究、試驗並且和一些擁有精密設備的製造商間的緊密合作意味著The Chord Company如今所生產的喇叭線和訊號線堪稱世界一流。獨樹一格的設計以及對製作高品質線材的執著,絕對可以呈現任何之高級音響或家庭劇院系統所帶出的真實表現。 不論您所使用的系統是甚麼,或者你的所好是音樂、電影或是遊戲,Chord的線材都能提升您的感官經驗至全新境界。您現在不仿為您的系統搭配一條Chord的好線吧!


“The way you can pick out and follow a single instrument within a band is extraordinary.”

The new conductor configuration in the Chord Chameleon VEE 3 has a profound effect on just about every aspect of performance that is important to a properly immersive musical experience. 

There is a good chance that the Chameleon VEE 3 will begin to let you understand that your equipment is better than you thought and begin to understand just how good your favourite musicians are.

Three sets of silver-plated conductors are connected to silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs using a special silver solder and shielded from interference with a 93% braid and a heavy gauge shield.

There are a lot of very impressive components available these days, particularly some of the new generation of digital to analogue converters.

The cost of the Chameleon VEE 3 might seem to be out of context compared to the cost of the DACs but you do need to have a listen. It’s a remarkable cable that will do justice to some remarkable products.




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